Anyone up for a little Futanari?


Before I begin – we moved this weekend! Woo hoo! My husband and I closed on our new house on Friday. It’s in the Oakhurst neighborhood in Decatur, GA. Decatur is in Dekalb County, and is a suburb of Atlanta. We’re super excited about the new place. Pictures will be coming soon as soon as we get everything situated.

So anyway, one of my kinks is futanari.

What can I say? I’m addicted to cock.

Anyways, was hooking the iMac back up this afternoon and got in the mood to do a little playing with some 3D graphics programs.

(Don’t tell my husband but it was really my excuse to stay out of his hair while he unpacked and got everything just the way he liked it.)

And I came up with this…

Futa 1

What do you think?

Fuck Daylight Savings!


1ab9ae99342ab8a8ec01026b8822b888Hey guys!

First off, can I just say: FUCK Daylight Savings! Why the fuck do we continue to torture ourselves and do this kind of shit?

Fuck you George Bush for moving it up, too!

Things are progressing pretty rapidly here in the CoGo household. We’re packing and moving into our new house on or after April 1 (which is when the closing is). Brace yourselves, Oak Hurst! Two of the biggest cocks in Atlanta are moving in!

I know I’ve been seriously neglecting my Awesome Bulges site, and have been paying entirely way too much attention to White Guys with Big Dicks, but I promise to post a lot more bulges than monster cocks this weekend for everyone.

(Just a reminder, you can submit your own pics to Awesome Bulges or White Guys with Big Dicks as well, or if you’d rather email them to me then you can do that as well.)

Top Posts in “White Guys with Big Dicks” for the past 30 days


Who doesn’t like looking at a nice cock?

I know I sure do!

For your enjoyment and perusal, here are the top posts on White Guys with Big Dicks over the past 30 days:

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Enjoy, fellas! And if you’d like to add your own pics to my collection well, what are you waiting for?

So… what’s happening, fellas?


Welcome to March, bitches! The one month of the year where us Irish can celebrate anything and everything.

Goddamn I love being Irish. Blessed with a big dick, and a bigger tolerance for whiskey, my hat goes out to all my Irish brethren here and across the pond.

Now, if only I grew up in Boston instead of Macon. :-)

So what’s been happening fellas?

Where’s the fucking porn, Mike?

Posting porn is hard, fellas.

Searching through 300,000 pics to find just the perfect one for the right moment takes time.

A lot of time.

The porn is coming, believe me, but I’ve just had some more important things come up first.



I’ve been bit by the writing bug again, and even that takes up a lot of time.

I do need to pay the bills you know! How else am I going to support all the lube and condoms I go through each day.

I’ve managed to post a new chapter to Wonder Twins.

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get another chapter done this weekend.

But that means no porn, either!

(Sometimes I wish there were 36 hours in a day. Maybe I should move to Mars.)


Bill, the dogs, and I are moving.

To Decatur, Georgia, which is a progressive neighborhood within Atlanta.

It also just happens to be one of the neighborhoods Google Fiber might light up! Anything to get rid of Comcast. Anything.

But in all seriousness, we’ve both been wanting to move for a while. We’ve been in this house as long as we’ve been together and we’re looking for a change of scenery. Plus, most of our friends are in Decatur.

Going to rent out our current house which is near the CDC/ Emory University.

That’s it for now.

Hope everyone is having a good year.