Question for those who bareback.


So here’s a few questions for those of you into barebacking.

Why are you into it? Are you trying to catch a disease? Are you trying to infect your partner?

DO you already have HIV? Already have herpes? Does your partner?

Neither of those are curable.

Is it simply a matter of misery loves company?

What about syphilis?

What about gonorrhea?

What about chlamydia?

What about HPV?

What about Hepatitis B?

What about crabs?

What about scabies?

What about Hepatitis C?

What about amebiasis?

Or is it simply a matter of that you don’t give a flying fuck? Fuck all and everyone else around you?


I am not a smart man.

I am not a smart man.

I am not a smart man.

So, Mike’s Big Dicks has a lot of pics. Thousands of them. But stupid me never installed NextGen Gallery when I launched it and now I’ve got a shitton of images in the WordPress Media Library.

Problem is, the WordPress Media Library — as great as it is — can’t really handle thousands and thousands of images for a blog dedicated to image galleries. The fact that it lacks any native image tagging is my biggest complaint. The fact that all images are stored in the same monthly folder is my second complaint.

So, aside from trying to re-import 20,000+ pics from my now defunct Big Dicks Mailing List, I’m having to go through and re-create all the galleries I originally set up.

I swear sometimes I think I’m a masochist. I’m not! I swear!

Fuck. I am not a smart man.

Car Problems

man-with-car-problems-on-side-of-roadSo not sure what’s going on. About a week or so ago I started to have some funky car problems with the car refusing to start (battery drained). Now the passenger window won’t roll-down and yesterday the car literally started “heaving” while I was driving.

Hubby is going with me this morning and I have an appointment to take the car to PepBoys. Can’t really stand PepBoys but they’re open on Sunday.

I need my car Goddamnit!

Anyway, I’m sure it’s either the battery or the alternator (or both). So going to be pretty tied up for most of the day today.

This sucks.


What a day!

Heio campers! What a day. Here’s what I’m listening to as I write this up:

This morning started quite early for a Saturday. One of my clients had an emergency and called me at 5AM and woke both Bill (my husband) and I up. So much for either of us sleeping-in late on a Saturday! But I can charge my clients double my contracted-rate for support on weekends and holidays so I at least made some money!

MonkeysexAfter things settled down around 8AM or so this morning, hubby was feeling a bit frisky so we went upstairs to the bedroom and had some fun and dirty monkey-sex followed by a shower. Which reminds me:

Why is it when you shut-off water to your shower that water continues to drip out of the shower-head for what seems like an eternity afterwards?

This bothers me every single morning. Consider these facts:

  • The shower head is mounted above the faucet, with both hot and cold water feeding the faucets from below.
  • With the water turned completely off, water is no longer feeding the pipe leading to the shower head.
  • Yet there remains a steady trickle of water for almost 60 seconds after the pressure has been removed.

These acts defy logic. They defy reason. They defy gravity.

The only explanation there can be appears to be that my shower is haunted.

And it’s a normal shower-head. Nothing fancy. No pulsing jets. No rainmakers. Just a normal, low-flow, shower head.


Yesterday I re-launched Now That’s an Ass and Awesome Bulges. They’re set up almost identical to Mike’s Big Dicks in that they’re standalone WordPress sites but stupid me had the idea this morning of tagging all the photos. Yeah, this is going to take a while.

And to top everything off my car has got a short in it somewhere that’s constantly draining the battery.

Oh, and I’m going to be bringing back Size Really Does Matter here pretty soon so be on the lookout for that.