Bug Chasers – WTF?

I’ve been seeing an increasing disturbing trend in my Twitter feed recently that’s got me alarmed. It started about 10-15 years ago but didn’t seem to really take off until the last few years, and frankly I’m not sure how it can be stopped: bug chasers are on the rise, and are coming out in droves.

Jesus fucking Christ, why? I can’t wrap my mind around this.

You don’t hear healthy men hanging around hospitals hoping to catch MRSA, staph, or influenza so what’s the fucking fascination with the human immunodeficiency-virus?

It’s not a badge of honor!

It’s not a status symbol!

It’s a fucking virus. A disease.

Anyone that tells you differently is implementing the age-old practice of misery loves company.

Edit: There’s nothing sexy about influenza. There’s nothing sexy about MRSA. There’s nothing sexy about H1N1. There’s nothing sexy about a staph infection. So what the fuck is sexy about an HIV infection? Nothing.

(Re-)Introducing IamOver18.org!

I wanted to re-introduce you to something that’s near and dear to my heart. IamOver18.org is a GNU social instance that’s specially catered for those that want to post NSFW content. Anything (and I do mean “anything”) goes as long as it’s legal.

That’s right. A lot of public GNU social instances don’t allow their users to publish NSFW content. We don’t have a problem with that, as we feel every admin has the right to choose what activity is and isn’t allowed on their servers.

But let’s face it, NSFW content accounts for an incredibly huge amount of content and traffic on the Internet. In fact, porn has driven most technology in use in the modern World.

Access to IamOver18.org is restricted. You either must be invited by an existing member, or you must request an invite from me. This is to keep spammers out and nothing more.

I’ve temporarily disabled the Invite requirement and have opened registrations up due to some folks having difficulty receiving the invitation Emails. If SPAM does become a problem, I’ll re-enable the invitation requirement.

Once in however, this is what you’ll see:

So the interface should look pretty familiar. A couple of things of note:

  • You can customize the look and feel of your page, change the background image, colors, and more.
  • You have the ability to link your Twitter account and follow your Twitter feed if you so desire.

Of course, one of the things that makes GNU social so great is that anyone can run their own instance! (If you’re super-concerned about your privacy then you probably should.)

Whether you request an account on IamOver18.org, on another GNU social instance, or if you choose to run your own, you can still take advantage of IamOver18.org and our growing list of NSFW GNU social groups. More are being added all the time, but here’s a sample:

Group Name Description
!amateur Amateur pics & videos.
!anal What what in the butt?
!ass Dat ass.
!datgap Pics and videos of that magical space between a womans’ thighs.
!bulges The box. The basket. The package. His bulge.
!cuteguybutts Pics and vids of cute guy butts.
!lbgw Pics that will make all your lady bits tingle.
!bbw Big girls, you are beautiful!
!bonermaterial Pics and vids to help raise the mast.
!bjs Spit or swallow the choice is yours’ but please no teeth, thanks!
!bondage This group isn’t too tight, is it?
!bdsm Bondage & Discipline, Sado-Masochism
!boobs B ( . )( . ) b s
!nsfwcosplay Who isn’t afraid of their imagination?
!cumfetish Cum baby, cum baby, baby cum cum!
!penis The hammer is my penis.
!foreskin The most sensitive part of a man’s anatomy.
!tinydick Small guys need love too!
!massivecock For those of us that are blessed, and our admirers.
!bi Discussion group for bisexuals and their allies about all things bi.
!bdp Big Dick Problems — discussion group for guys’ with big dicks and their partners to discuss various problems and issues about his “size” in and out of the bedroom.
!cd Discussion group for cross dressers and their allies.
!cuckold Discussion group for cuckolders, about cuckolding, and all points in between.
!polyamory Discussion group about polyamory and its many facets.
!sex Discussion group about all things sexual. (Hetero)
!gaysex Discussion group about all things sexual. (Gay)
!lesbiansex Discussion group about all things sexual (Lesbian)
!sextoys Discussion group about sex toys and other personal and marital aids.
!tgirls Ladyboys, shemales, trannies, traps, chicks with dicks, dudes with boobs…
!ecchi Pictures of anime girls featuring either sexy clothing or nudity without sex.
!yiffy Furry porn.
!hentai Hentai is a genre of pornography with Anime or Manga styling.
!futa Futanari is a genre of Hentai in which at least a single character possess both male and female traits.
!rule34 Rule 34 of the Internet: If it exists, somebody’s turned it into porn. 
!rule34gay Rule 34 of the Internet: If it exists, somebody’s turned it into porn. (With a focus on gay characters and situations.)
!lesbians Scissor sisters, before there was a Scissor Sisters.
!girlsgonewild Girls. Gone wild.
!guysgonewild Guys. Gone wild.

Of course all members are welcome to create their own groups by visiting https://iamover18.org/group/new.

In addition, IamOver18 let’s you send huge-ass messages. Unlike Twitters’ arbitrary tweet-cap of 140 characters (word has it thought they’re planning to expand this), your messages can be up to 1000 characters long on IamOver18. Which allows you to attach a significant number of pics to your “queets”. 🙂

And while I have attached 13 separate images to this post on the left, unfortunately IamOver18 will only display the first 12 attachments. However, since IamOver18 is federated with the rest of the Internet, other hosts may actually display the full monty.

But if you want to be safe, and not look like an ass like I did proudly boasting 13 attached images when only 12 will display, you might want to keep your number of attachments limited to 12. 🙂

So feel free to check it out, or if you want to take advantage of the groups IamOver18.org is currently hosting, simply visit the links above and you can subscribe to the groups remotely using your own preferred GNU social host.

And if there’s anything folks would like to see, or if you run into any issues, feel free to ping me either on GNU social at cyberczar@iamover18.org or via Email at mike@cyberczar.org.


Fuck you, Nalley BMW

I’ve had my heart set on a new BMW 7 series for about a year, so I dragged Bill along and went to Nalley BMW this morning with the intention of picking up a black BMW 750i. I didn’t need a test drive. I’ve already driven them.

I. Love. This. Car.

And I was fully prepared to finance and drive it off the lot today if things had decided to go as planned. My bank was even on stand-by to wire transfer about 50% of the car as a down payment. Yes, I was planning on putting 50% down and financing the rest for 48 months.

But when Bill and I walked-in to the showroom I’m not sure if it was the fact Bill is Puerto Rican, or that we’re an obviously (married!) gay couple but we were wholesale ignored by every single sales staff that was visible.

And it’s not like the place was packed this morning, either.

Even after I had sat in the drivers’ seat for over five minutes and intentionally tapped the horn to get someone’s attention were were completely ignored.

After about 20 minutes of standing around and not even being acknowledged by anyone we walked out.

And went straight to Global Imports BMW. A couple of hours later and I’ve got a brand new 2016 BMW 750i sitting in the garage.

And it was worth every penny, and every minute of waiting.

I just know now that I’ll never do business with any other Nalley-owned car dealership.

Fuck you, Nalley BMW.


Cloudburst stars Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Fricker, and Ryan Doucette. It’s not a new movie. It was released in 2011 I believe, but it’s new to me.

Frankly I had never heard of it until Netflix had reccomended it. I typically don’t go for lesbian-themed films. Man I was pleasantly surprised!

Dukakis plays Stella, an 80 year old bull-dyke lesbian. Fricker plays Dot, Stella’s life-partner of more than 30 years.

When Dot falls out of bed and breaks her wrist, and Stella doesn’t have the strength to lift her up, Dot’s naïve granddaughter, Molly, played by Kristen Booth decides that the best thing for her “Nonna” is for Dot to move into a nursing home so she can be cared for properly. Of course, this also give Molly an opportunity to assume power-of-attorney and her grandmother’s house, money, and other assets.

Stella decides to break Dot out of the nursing home and the two decide to head north to Canada and get married. Stella learns soon after that the police are looking for them. Along their journey they come across Prentice (played by Doucette) hitchiking on the side of the road, with his bare chest, and jeans pulled way, way down he looks just like a male prostitute which prompted Stella to tell him that he’s “…humping the wrong fire hydrant“:

Stella and Dot learn that Prentice is heading home to visit his dying mother.

Now in Canada Dot learns that Prentice is a professional dancer, not a stripper, and that he once pissed on-stage into a bucket! When the time came for him to piss again during one of his subsequent shows Prentice found his bladder empty, prompting him to try to earnestly tug away as if to magically conjure up some urine. The only thing he did manage to conjure up was an erection, prompting the Villiage Voice to give him rave reviews for his 7½ inches of performance. We also learn, though we can’t confirm, that Prentice is a full half-inch larger than Baryshnikov. A bigger question is: how the hell does Dot know how big Baryshnikov’s penis is, hmm?
After a little bit of drama trying to get Stella across the border…

…they eventually make it to Lower Economy, NS (yes, that’s a real place) where Prentice is from.

But by this time, Dot has to take a piss so bad so Prentice walks her into his parents house, while Prentice says hi to his dear old mom.

Then, for some reason that apparently only exists in the film to provide an excuse for some full-frontal nudity (hey, not complaining!) Dot stumbles into Prentices’ parents room and lays down right next to his dad, played by Randy Boliver, who just so happens loves to sleep in the nude.

What follows is quite funny, but I have to admit is all a tad-bit nonsensical, but hysterically funny:

Now that’s a funny scene. But the director couldn’t stop there, could he? Brace yourselves, boys!

All I know is Randy Boliver deserves an Academy Award for that performance.

Bravo! Bravo!

After overcoming a bit of cold feet, Dot & Stella eventually end up in front of a Magistrate with Prentice as their best man. But right as soon as the Magistrate is about to read them their vows, in walks Molly and her husband who try to stop the wedding. Revelations are revealed, and the wedding is postponed which provides an opportunity for Molly and Dot to reconcile their relationship. Molly still wants Dot in a nursing home, but Dot and Stella plan to take in Prentice to be their houseboy and help with any heavy lifting.

Oh yeah, Prentices’ mom apparently isn’t dying, but for some reason he still can’t stay with his parents. We have no idea why. Maybe Guillaume thinks he’s gay or something or they don’t approve of him being a dancer.

Who the fuck knows. That part of the movie made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

As they’re driving back to Maine, with Molly in tow, Dot keels over in the truck and recovers just enough to insist that Prentice marry her and Stella right then and there. Spoiler alert: Dot dies immediately after Prentice pronounces them “women and wives.”

It’s a touching movie. It’s a funny movie. It’s got some great on-location principal photography. Watch it if you haven’t. Olympia Dukakis is a hoot and makes this movie. You’ll enjoy it. I promise!