It's nice to see that Vyusur has finally released clones for her original Vlad character available at DAZ3D.

Vyusur is an amazing artist, but some people (myself included) have felt that releasing a character that didn't support auto-fit was doing a disservice to the DAZ 3D Community.

Well, now she's fixed that!

Over the past several weeks, Vyusur has released clones for Leon, as well as free clones for Teena as well.

And while the clones for Vlad may not be free, they are currently on-sale for $7.00 which is a pretty good value.

Hopefully going forward Vyusur will include the clones in her actual product. I can't help but think that she would generate more sales if her figures were compatible with G8, G3, and G2 right out of the box!

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