So yesterday I talked about how not expensive it is to host your own website and free yourself and your content from the confines and clutches of Facebook (or DeviantArt, or any other "platform"). If you haven't had a chance, check out the article.

Today I'm going to actually walk you through all of the steps. From start to finish. From registering your domain name, to signing up for hosting, and to installing WordPress.

This will be a real domain, and a real installation. You can see the finished results here: XXXXX

Domain Name

So the first thing we need is a domain name. What sounds good to you? I already have a domain name for my 3D art portfolio. But I also write! So let's create a new site for some of my writing.

I'm going to start by going to a Domain Name Registrar.

I like and, and use them both almost the same. Today, I think I'm going to use Gandi.

Gandi's motto is literally, "No bullshit!" Can't go wrong with that! Plus. they have a cool name and a cool logo. 😉

When you go to Gandi's website, you'll see their home page:

Let's start by searching for a word that closely matches what we want our site to be about. This can be your nickname, or the name of your Company or identity.

As you can see, the domain for this site is It's an online identity I've had for about 25 years, and people all over the World know me by this moniker.

But my portfolio site for my 3D works is I mean, MJC are my initials. 🙂

Yeah, that one wasn't very creative. But it serves its purpose!

Since I also write, I'm going to register a domain name called Follow along, and I'll show you each and every step!

Well this isn't good. It turns out that has already been taken by somebody. You can click on the green "WHOIS" text to see potentially who owns it, or where it's been registered at if you really want to know, or you can select one of the other options that are available.

And for me, it looks like is available! So I'll choose that one instead. And it's only $0.99 for the first year! Woo hoo!

Pay close attention though. Is on-sale and $0.99 for the first year, but over $34.00 for each additional year! But I don't plan to renew this domain after a year so I'm not too worried.

Now that we've added the domain to our shopping cart, let's go ahead and checkout!


At this point Gandi will prompt you to login, or to create a new account. I created a new account specifically for this example so I could show you the new account creation process!


Go ahead and click that button that says Create Your Account.


When you do, you'll be prompted for some basic information such as your Email address, your desired username, and a password.

Please pick a strong password here, and please don't use the same password that you use at other websites. Protecting your account with your Domain Registrar is very important, becasue is someone gains unauthorized access to your account they can transfer your domain away from you.

If you don't already have a Password Manager app, I highly recommend Bitwarden. Bitwarden is open-source, and there are versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Androud, and iOS.


Next you'll be prompted for some personal information.

Don't lie here. You must put your real contact information. But don't worry, most registrars will not publish your contact information unless they are required to do so. (The .US TLD for United States for example requires domain owner contact information to be public. So do some other domains.)


Next you'll verify the information you entered.


And again. 🙂 (I have no idea why Gandi does this twice.)


Next you'll be presented with your shopping cart which includes all domains you're ordering.

Pay close attention to the checkout pages for domain registrars. Gandi wanted to include a special web-hosting package and add it to my domain purchase. A perfect example of how domain registrars love to upsell customers on added services!

If you're satisfied with everything, agree to the contracts for the domains you're purchasing and click Checkout.


Next you'll have an opportunity to select your payment method. Gandi accepts multiple payment methods including PayPal and some cryptocurrency.

I'm going to choose PayPal for my purchase.


And when I click on the Pay by Paypal button, a new window will open and I'll be taken to PayPal to login and pay for my purchase:


When ready, click on Continue. And if your payment was successful, you'll be taken back to Gandi to verify your purchase!


Congratulations! You are now an internet domain owner.

In my next post I'll walk you through setting up an account with a web hosting provider, and getting WordPress installed and configured!

I hope this post has been helpful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.



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