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Something I’ve been working on…

BIO SYN CHEM Corp. is a fictional Company that makes synthetic biological fluids for androids, robots, cyborgs, sex bots, etc. It's a crazy (and admittedly quite sexual) idea I came up with. I don't expect you to understand it, but it's been fun to do.

Creating the mock ups of the products in Photoshop (I even renewed my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for this because as much as I love and adore Affinity Photo and Gimp, neither of them were compatible with with source PSDs) has been an absolute blast!

Writing the copy has been fun. Coming up with the backstory for the products, and the characters has been enlightening.

Also getting a chance to work with WooCommerce in WordPress has been quite fun too. I don't build websites for my clients and I never had the need to setup an e-commerce shop myself before so that has been fun.

Even if everything is fake. 🙂

I wonder if the Movie & Television Industry in Atlanta needs any freelancers to setup websites and fake shit for shows and stuff... ???

If you want to check it out it's at

Take care.

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