This is the personal website for Michael J. Collins: author, artist, lover, activist. Not necessarily in that order.

Updates on stuff

Hello everyone. I have a status update on a couple of projects I'm working on. is coming along nicely. It's a special-interest social-network for other techno and robosexuals running on Pleroma. It's open to the public, and we've got a small cadre of members. is something I've just recently started and it's slowly coming along too. My goal with is to provide a central nexus of information for the various different kinks within the ASFR family, and also a community where robots, synths, and dolls can network with one-another and share information. is something new I'm launching and it's free webhosting for anybody that needs a place to host anything that is generally ASFR-related. More information about this is available here. is a fictional company that manufactures products for robots and androids. Because, why not? If you have a machine that is attempting to be more human, then certain things will be necessary in order to obtain a level of realism that would not be able to be provided without.

Stuff that's in the works:

I'm in the process of re-publishing the Michael Collins' Anthology under a new title, and taking steps to take the story outside the Not Quite Human literary universe and bring it into its own.

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