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On the demise of

This morning I deleted the virtual machines, removed the object storage bucket, dropped the database, and canceled all backups for []. It was a little bit of a bitter-sweet moment.

When I first launched [] I thought it would be a good idea for the ASFR community to have a social network dedicated just to us, our wants, and desires. In the 11 months since I launched [] the site peaked at 70 registered users but sadly only averaged five users a week, and it was the same five users week-after-week.

Social networks are tough to launch, and tough to maintain. There’s an inherent chicken-and-egg. Users don’t want to use a social network that has no users, and a social network attracts no users if there are no users already on it to use it. So it naturally requires a little bit of faith with the early adopters.

GooglePlus certainly learned this the hard way.

Whether it was the site design, the software and its bugs, timing, or me and the way I ran the site it doesn’t really matter. I could continue to keep the site up or I could cut my losses and move on.

I still think there’s incredible value in an ASFR-centric social network. A venue where folks can share and explore their kinks without having to worry about running afoul of community guidelines, and without having to worry about dealing with trolls.

Who knows. Maybe at some point in the future others will feel the same.

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  • Glad you tried. I hoped it would work as well. We may be to early, or perhaps we will never be more than a very small niche. However you never know if you don’t open the portal and scan! Thank you. (Admin edit: I edited the commenter’s name for privacy. -mjc)

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