Michael James Collins (born February 14, 1972) is an American Information Technology professional, Information Security consultant, 3D artist, and author.

Early Life

Michael Collins was born February 14, 1972, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His father, James Michael Collins, was an insurance salesman. His mother, Abigail Elizabeth (née Harden) was a homemaker.

When Michael was three years old his father relocated the family to Macon, Georgia, where he went to work for Allstate Insurance Company selling insurance to customers in middle and south Georgia.

The family struggled at times financially. The fact that Michael's mother and father weren't particularly religious and rarely attended Church failed to garner his parents any goodwill or graces in the tight-knit Bible community that was Bibb County, Georgia.

Michael was an above-average student and was tested early and accepted into the Gifted program beginning with Grade two.

Michael would voluntarily leave the Gifted program by Grade 8 in order to fit in more easily and to socialize with his peers.

When he entered puberty, his whole life would turn upside down.

Michael grew six-inches in height in less than one year.

By High School, Michael started to show an interest in other boys. Something he worked very hard to keep a secret from his friends and his parents for fear of punishment or non-acceptance.

Michael was active in sports and excelled at swimming, diving, and track and field. Michael's anatomy quickly became a distraction however and he was asked to resign from the swim team after his second meet.

Michael graduated High School in June 1990.

Death of His Parents

In July 1990, Michael's parents were traveling east on Interstate 16 heading to Tybee Island for a weekend vacation when their car was struck head-on by a vehicle traveling west who had left the Interstate and crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

The force of the impact destroyed the front-end of his parents' car, killing them instantly upon impact.

The driver of the vehicle that struck his parents was critically injured but ultimately survived. He had been drinking, and several empty whiskey bottles were found in his car.

This devastated Michael. He was to start College in the fall and now at eighteen was forced to bury both of his parents, and deal with their estate.

Michael was left as the sole beneficiary to both of his parents' Life Insurance policies which more than provided enough income.


Michael has spent the last twenty-five years working in Information Technology. He has held leadership positions at Coca Cola, Delta Technologies, Norfolk Southern, and First Data.

For the past ten years, Michael has been an independent IT & Information Security consultant.

Political Views and Activism

Michael's political views are progressive and liberal. He is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and believes in Civil Rights, Gun Control, Abortion, repealing Citizens' United, Unions, and taxing the wealthy.

He is an atheist and firmly believes in the separation of Church and State.


Michael regularly gives to charity, supporting secular, civic, and cultural charities throughout Atlanta and the Country.

Personal Life

Michael met his partner, William, in June 2000, in Orlando, Florida, during "Gay Days" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom while standing in line for Space Mountain. The two didn't actually start dating until about a year later.

Michael James Collins married his boyfriend, William Guillermo Gonzalez, on June 11, 2004, in Provincetown, Massachusetts.